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Life as a football interpreter: Helping deliver babies, and holding hands with Trapattoni

BBC Sport   /   Analysis and Comment   /   02 November 2018

From helping deliver babies, to explaining EastEnders to a group of bemused foreign journalists, football interpreters can lead an interesting life.

Court interpreters: Lost for Words

Private Eye   /   Analysis and Comment   /   05 September 2018

The latest figures for providing interpreters and translators in court cases show that current contractor thebigword is doing a far better job ensuring someone turns up than its predecessor Crapita ever did. But questions remain over whether all those supplied are up to the job. 

In the Courts

Private Eye   /   Analysis and Comment   /   12 July 2018

Public service interpreters working in the NHS and justice sectors are alarmed by the recent prediction of the lord chief justice that they would soon be out of a job, replaced by machine translation. 

Mapped: Police Interpreter Suppliers in England

Linguist Lounge   /   Analysis and Comment   /   01 October 2017

Interpreter suppliers by police force in England 

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