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Looking for a Translation Agency? Make Sure You Select Wisely…

Kirti Vagadia   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   06 April 2015

How can you ensure that you select the best translation services for the job?

Capita sent a wrong Kurdish fake Tier 3 interpreter

DB   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   24 March 2015

Colleague reports of an interpreter for the wrong language and with no experience in court being sent to Warwick Crown Court

Capita still recruiting hundreds of Tier 3 ‘interpreters’

DB   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   05 January 2015

Experienced interpreters lose out in Capita's newly announced tiering system

Helen Grant, Nick de Bois, Merry Men

dobitoc   /   Opinions and Concerns   /   06 December 2012

Before we start thinking we have a foot in the door at the MoJ and its wider circle, we should remember who we are up against

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